6 Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

February 29, 2024
Dan Roggenkamp
movies every entrepreneur should watch

It is undeniable that a majority of the human population enjoys movies. Humans have loved movies since the first silent films of the 1880s. And on top of the unending reasons why? It is because they create the magic of letting us experience, understand, and be inspired in life. Thus, here are six (6) movies every entrepreneur should watch to be inspired and rekindle their flame for business.

Now hold on, don’t fret. It’s not a mistake that this is included in the list. This animated film directed by Brad Bird may arguably be one of Pixar’s finest. 

This movie shows us an accurate depiction of the internal process of a high-end restaurant in Paris. The powerful “Anyone can cook” motto of the late Chef Gusteau, head of the said top-of-the-line restaurant goes beyond inspiring those who wish to become. The motto also encourages entrepreneurs to recognise talent. 

The movie probes specific roles and politics inside the kitchen tackling common pitfalls for any venture, like failing to leverage and cultivate talent and not giving credit where it’s due.

This biographical comedy-drama written and directed by David Russell is based on the compelling story of Joy Mangano. In 1990, Joy got fed up with a simple domestic task—mopping. A problem that would lead to her invention of the Miracle Mop, a self-wringing mop that can be wrung out without getting your hands on it. 

Creating a product is one thing. Selling a product is a whole lot more—licensing, patents, manufacturing, litigation, cherry on top? the unforgiving world of commerce and the people in it. 

This brilliant film is a true success story of how Joy Mangano turned selling practical everyday products into a large kingdom, selling millions of dollars.

Let's start this one with a fair warning. If you're seeing Wolf of Wall Street and expecting to get tips for your business, you should re-evaluate. This film is an interpretation of the real-life memoir of a guy who pleaded guilty to securities fraud and money laundering in 1999 for running a penny-stock scam. 

Why include it in the list? you may ask. Jordan Belfort started off as an ambitious and gifted salesman, and he rose because he used that talent to his benefit. And as inspiring as that sounds, this film is not about a remarkably successful man achieving all his goals and living the dream life after beating the odds. It's about a man who amassed success and mishandled it. Therefore, the takeaway is to: 

Selling is a vital part of entrepreneurship. Persuasion is a vital part of selling. Thank You for Smoking is a film that explores the complexities of persuasion, public relations, and the outcome of advocating for controversial products. Throughout the film, we follow a young charismatic spokesperson for the tobacco industry grappling with the blurred lines between personal and professional ethics.

The Social Network is a movie about Facebook's founding story and the often ruthless environment that arises out of a fast-growing startup. The movie also entails the beginning and after lawsuits surrounding Facebook. 

The primary dispute between the Winklevoss brothers and Zuckerberg will let entrepreneurs in on how the claims and contracts were made, and to avoid the same mistakes. Indeed, choose the right business partners and get everything in writing.

Ever thought of how McDonald's got to where it is? This movie depicts the true story of how a struggling salesman transformed a small innovative fast-food restaurant, run by the McDonald brothers, into a global phenomenon. 

Contrary to what you might think, the movie does not take sides. But it also doesn't veer away from the realities at hand---does the pursuit of profit warrant adapting ruthlessly? does building a global business with aw-shucks idealism pan out well? 

These six movies offer valuable insights and inspiration for entrepreneurs, covering topics from talent recognition to ethical dilemmas and the transformative power of ambition. Happy watching and may they ignite your passion for success in business and life.

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