7 Tips on How to Choose a Winning Domain Name in 2024

March 16, 2023
Eric Dickler
choosing a winning domain name

Choosing a winning domain name for your website can be a daunting task. Your domain name is the first impression your audience will have of your brand, and it will also be how they remember you. 

Aside from improving your brand, your domain name will also affect your search engine rankings. Therefore, choosing the right domain name that accurately reflects your brand and that’s also easy to remember is necessary. 

Here are seven tips on how to choose the winning domain name for your website:

Keep it short and sweet.

A short domain is easy to remember and easy to spell.

It is best to keep your domain name under 15 characters. The longer your domain, the harder it is for your audience to remember you. 

Longer domain names are more prone to misspellings, which can lead to traffic loss. Short and simple is always the way to go. 

Make it easy to pronounce and spell.

Think of the most popular sites in the world: Facebook, Google, Instagram, Bing, and Microsoft. One thing they all have in common is that they are easy to pronounce and spell.

Your audience should be able to pronounce and type your domain without a problem. If you have to say your domain name twice for it to be understood, then it needs to be simplified.

Make it brandable.

A brandable name is catchy, unique, and easy to remember. Other examples are Uber, YouTube, and Tiktok. Although they have no real meaning, these words have become some of the most memorable domain names.

Consider creating a new catchy word that doesn't exist yet (keeping in mind that it should also be short and easy to pronounce). Not only will it attract your target audience, but it may also cost less compared to commonly used domain names.

If you can't think of a new word, use keywords. Adding keywords to your domain can help with search engine optimisation and make it easier for your audience to find your website.

Consider your domain name extension.

There's no denying that the ".com" extension is the most established and credible among all the available extensions, with over 52.8% of businesses using it

Many smartphones have also incorporated a ".com" key, which makes it easier for your audience to type your domain. However, if ".com" is taken, it's not the end of the world.

There are other extensions like ".org" and ".net", which are also part of the Top-Level Domain (TLD) extensions. Another good option for local businesses is to use country-code TLDs like ".au", ".us", and ".uk". They are widely used by multinational corporations when localising their content.

Target your geographic area.

Consider putting your city or state in your domain if your business is local to make it simple for local clients to find and remember. 

An example of this is "BrisbaneApparels(.)com(.)au".

Think long-term.

Are you ready to tie the knot with your domain? That's what it's like when choosing a domain name. It will be one of the most critical factors that will define your business and brand.

Should you decide to change the name of your domain in the future, not only will it cost you money, but it will also cost you your branding and SEO rankings. 

In short, it's a huge pain!

It's crucial to think long-term when choosing a domain name.

For example, if your business helps sole traders with accounting, you could choose a domain like "SydneyAccountant(.)com".

But if you think you might expand to a more general business advisory and business setup, then it is wise to reconsider your domain name.

You don't want to pin your business down to a particular niche if you think you will expand outside that niche. Therefore, keeping your long-term vision in mind when choosing your domain is essential. 

And lastly.

Act fast.

Thousands of new domain names are being registered daily from around the world. 

Like real estate, thousands of people are actively looking for a good brandable domain that they can buy for better rates in the future. Don't wait around if you've found a domain name you like. 

As they say, "a great idea starts with a great domain name." So, don't let someone else beat you to registering your domain.

So, are you ready to take the plunge?

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