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The “Works” Business Set Up

So you're looking at setting up a business and probably wondering how you're going to make the right choices with it. You may be thinking that you simply don’t have the time/desire and know-how to work it out. That's what SUM[B] is here for. We'll remove the guesswork, so you can make a guided decision on what you need and have it done for you.
Get your complete business set up
Got enquiries on your business? Talk to an expert SUM[B] accountant and have them walk you through your business set up.
Talk to our experienced accountants for $99
What does it cost?
Just $1,499 (incl GST and any ASIC fees), is all it takes for an experienced SUM[B] Accountant to handle everything for you. This makes setting up a business easy. No muss, no fuss, no hassle.
How long does it take?
24-48hrs from the initial consultation
What do I need to get started?
Nothing. Have a chat to the team and we'll walk you through everything you need to get started.
What are my other options?

There are a lot of things to consider in starting a business We got you! ⇥ click here ⇤

What's the process?

Step 1

Discovery call

One hour virtual consultation
Book your first appointment with an experienced SUM[B] accountant, and let's get started with setting up a business. We will assist you in working out the best structure for your business from a risk and tax minimisation perspective, whether you are becoming a Sole Trader, Company or Trust. We'll get everything sorted, and get started on your new business.

Step 2

Full Set-up & Registrations

The challenge with setting up a business is in the nitty gritty. We will do everything: from the complete registration of your chosen business structure with both ASIC (ACN) and the Australian Tax Office (TFN, GST, PAYG, FBT) where applicable to all the government details and paperwork you need to start your business.

Step 3

Next Steps Consultation
One hour virtual consultation

What comes after setting up a business? We will take you through your new business. We'll provide support and guidance during the establishment phase of the business as well as provide training on your corporate and tax responsibilities. Now that you have your business set up its time to discuss the next steps including:

  • Free Business Bank Account with  Free Business Bank Account with Airwallex
  • What is the right point of sale software and equipment for your chosen business?
  • How do I set up a website?
  • Do you need an accounting system, if so, what's the right choice?
  • What are your obligations as a business owner?
  • What tax returns or other compliance obligations do you have?

Step 4

Third Month Health Check

One hour virtual consultation

Once you have been up and running you will no doubt have some additional questions and want to chat a few things over. There may even be more questions once you've gotten into things. We'll book in a third month health check with you, to see how you're business is going and to assist with any pain points or questions you may have.

The 3rd month health check-in include:

  • Business direction and strategy
  • Revenue and lead generation
  • Cost minimization strategy
  • Best business practice advice
  • Cash-flow planning

Included For Companies
Full company registration including shareholder certificates, meeting minutes and director consent forms

Included for Trusts
Fully prepared Trust Deed

Easy, Hassle-free Business Set Up For You!

Business set up doesn't need to be complicated. At SUM[B] we understand that new and growing businesses need different things. You may just want to consult with an accountant, get your business started with an ABN and your business name, or conquer your business and get clients with cherry on top! We got you!

Choose a plan that suits your needs, schedule your session when you want it, get all your questions answered, your registrations set up and your business up and running in no time!

1-hour Virtual Accountant Consultation
30-minute Virtual Accountant Consultation
Company Registration with ASIC (Australia)
ABN Registration (Australia)
Business Name Registration (Australia)
Business Health Check (after 3 months)
TFN, GST, PAYG, FBT + Full government documents

Fully prepared Trust Deed

FREE Business Bank Account with Free Business Bank Account with Airwallex*

Consult with Business Insurance just for your for the perfect business insurance plan for you.*


Register your own business domain in minutes!

Get your own website domain for your online success. 
Create your SUMB login and get started with your business!

We’ll take care of everything you need to set up your domain name

Got more questions?

From setting up a business, to al the enquiries that come after, SUM[B]'s got you!
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