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Need accurate and compliant legal documents for your business? We heard you!

Do away with the manual search and editing, use SUM[B]’s wide selection of client-ready legal document templates suitable for all your growing business needs.

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How SUM[B] Legal Docs Works



Select from any of our legally certified documents based on your business needs.


Carefully fill out the easy-to-navigate forms to customise the details and branding you want to see in your generated document.


After 1 business day—receive, download and rename your customised legal document!

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Why use SUM[B] Legal Docs?

Wide Selection of Templates
Choose from a wide and growing list of legal document templates, perfect for any of your business needs.
Get Your Money’s Worth
Use legally certified documents without dealing with legal fees.
Up-to-date Documents
Legal document templates and forms are current and compliant with Australian legal standards.
Easy to Use
Enjoy the simplicity of easy-to-navigate forms. Generate professional legal documents anytime, anywhere!
Document Generation in just 1 Business Day
Select your chosen template, fill out the forms, and receive your customised legal document after just 1 business day!
Secure Online Tool
SUM[B] is hosted on a secure and trusted server that keeps your account and data safe.
Browse Document Templates

SUM[B] Legal Docs provides an easy-to-use legal document generation platform that offers legally verified and updated documents, suitable for any of your business needs.

Every SUM[B] Legal Docs’ price vary depending on its length and complexity. To browse how much each document costs, simply login to your SUM[B] app and click on the Legal Docs dashboard.

To get started with SUM[B] Legal Docs, simply follow these 6 steps.

  1. Register an account for FREE with the SUM[B] app, if you haven’t already!
  2. Login and click the Legal Documents dashboard
  3. Select your preferred document
  4. Fill out the easy-to-navigate form for required details
  5. Click “Pay Now” to officially checkout the form
  6. Allow 1 business day for your customised document to be generated. We’ll send you an email notification when it’s ready!

Skip the manual search and editing, enjoy SUM[B]’s wide selection of Legal Document templates today!

Before anything else, please be reminded that document generation takes 1 business day. If you purchase during the weekend, expect your document 1 business day after the weekend. 

It’s very rare, but if you still don’t receive your purchased document beyond this, send us a message at info@set-up-my-business.com.au. We’ll sort you out.

We suggest doing so as the generated document is tailored to the data that you will enter. Keep in mind that some questions only fill in the blanks, while others may alter sections in the template, so please be sure to answer carefully.

Yes! We are committed to the privacy of your data and use data encryption to keep it secure. The information you enter when you fill out a document is encrypted and will only be used as is intended, under the SUM[B] Privacy Policy.

We make it a point to keep every part of the SUM[B] website secure. This includes the codes, the servers, and of course, the data you enter.

Creation of Legal Documents, Simplified.

Take back your day and save time. No more manual creation or searching unreliable forms online. Experience a document creation system that you can trust.

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