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Your business day-to-day systems can be a challenge. From accounting systems and CRM setup, to trainings, SUM[B] has a full-service team ready to assist.

Business Accounting Systems? CRM set up? We got you!

Running a business and it's day-to-day operations can be a challenge. SUM[B] offers a wide range of services that assist you and improve your business, from accounting systems set-up, CRM organisation, invoicing and quotation set-up,  we have a full-service team ready to assist.

Systems that work with you and for you

We've partnered with some of the best accounting software platforms to provide you with the systems you will need to make running your business a breeze. Once you've set up the system, we'll walk you trough everything you need to know about it, to make it work on its own and leave you with more time to manage your business without the additional worry. 

Accounting System

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Register your business name

Your new business is just a click away. Enter the business name you want to register below.

A business name is a name under which you identify/operate your business. Unless you trade under your own name, you must register a business name.

Business names can be registered for 1 Year and 3 years.

1 YEAR Business Name Registration: $62
Asic Fees: $39 + GST +processing fees

3 YEAR Business Name Registration: $114 (Most common registration)
Asic Fees: $92 + GST + processing fees

  1. Enter your company name
  2. Follow the easy online application
  3. Documents will be sent to your inbox

Make sure you have this with you:
  • Registration takes no more than 10 minutes to complete
  • 24-48 hours for your successfully registered business to reflect on the Australian Business Registry

  • ABN Number
    Don’t have an ABN yet? No stress, click here. It only takes 10 minutes.
  • Director / Associate Details
    You will have this once you register your ABN.
  • An Address
    It can be your home, another fixed location, or even a Postal Address. BUT, it does have to be in Australia.

Set Up My Business For Me

Leave it with our team of business set up specialists to give you the right advice and get your business registered for you.
 Do It All For Me
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