What Makes A Compelling Brand Story?

September 12, 2023
Dan Roggenkamp
what makes a compelling brand story

Have you ever thought about what made iconic superheroes like Batman, Spiderman, and Captain America appealing to many people? It’s because, on top of their extraordinary capabilities, they have compelling background stories.

Their origin stories and how it is told is what makes them relatable to a lot of people. In the same way, your business’ target consumers are more inclined to go for a good product with a compelling brand story than a good product alone. 

Being just a business that sells in this digital age is not enough to get people to engage with your brand. Consumers are now captivated by brands they see themselves in, brands that pique their interest, and brands that have a powerful narrative to offer.

What are the main elements of a good brand story?

Let’s go through the superhero journey:

1. Authenticity

No one likes a main character who pretends to be someone they are not. Your story should always be genuine and reflect your brand’s true core and history. Remember: embodying reliability and trustworthiness is the most powerful audience relationship foundation. 

2. Hero

Choose a relatable hero or figure, which could be a founder, customer, or your brand itself.

3. Conflict

Present a problem that will create a sense of purpose for your hero.

4. Resolution

Show how your brand helps resolve the conflict through its unique and unmatched solutions.

5. Emotions

Stories are more powerful when connected to universal feelings and experiences. Humanize your brand as a business with its own pain points too. More than selling, you’re here to make a genuine difference.

6. Consistency

A compelling brand story is great until it’s just that, a story. Be sure to align your narrative with your brand’s values across all touchpoints.

7. Visuals

Visuals like logos, typography, or videography are powerful communicators of stories. So make sure to choose what types of visuals can best tell your story.

8. Relevance

Be sure to check how relatable your story is to your target audience. Get to know their needs and aspirations first. Ask yourself, how you can reposition your brand’s genuine story so that people you want to see and hear it can also feel it.

9. Call to Action

Last but definitely not the least, encourage your audience to take a specific action that lines up with your brand goals.

Keep in mind that a compelling brand story should not only enthrall your audience but also help you stand out to them as a brand, connecting on a deeper level. 

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